One day workshop in Toronto by Dr. Danny Yeung with Dr. Matt Fried

Announcing An Upcoming AEDP Toronto Workshop:

You With Me: Attachment, Undoing Aloneness & Transformation of Trauma

Presenter, Co-Coordinator: Danny Yeung, M.D.

Co-Coordinator, Consultant: Matt Fried, Ph.D.

Date:                         Saturday, April 18, 2015

Time:                         9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Venue:                      3080 Yonge Street (NW corner of Yonge St. &
Lawrence Ave.),

                                    Suite 5040

Cost:                        $300.00 CAD per person

Course Overview

This workshop aims to demonstrate AEDP approaches and practices in working
with survivors of sexual trauma. Using interactive and didactic modalities,
 experiential exercises and a video case presentation, the workshop will
teach you how AEDP treatment is conducted procedurally to undo aloneness and
 transform psychological trauma.

A primary goal in healing using AEDP is to catalyze three state transformations
 across four distinctive neuropsychological states. Affectively engaged,
present and attuned, the therapist establishes a secure base for the patient,
 who is initially in an emotionally defended state.

                The patient can then re-experience previously unbearable shame in the
here-and-now. Resistance and unconscious defenses are quickly bypassed through
 moment-to-moment affective attunement, followed by the first neuropsychological
 state transformation heralding waves of viscerally felt emotional experience,
 expression, communication with dyadic coordination. Regulated by the emotional
 presence of a caring and empathic therapist, the patient emerges from the
intense experience of core affective state with a sense of relief, lightness
 and hope. The third state, focusing on the experience of transformation
includes in this case, emotional pain of mourning-the-self.

Core state, the grand finale of an AEDP session, follows on the heels of the
 third state transformation. Phenomenologically akin to an aesthetic experience,
 core state is marked by emotional serenity, wisdom, the sense of things
being ‘right’ and the truth sense. Enriched with mental clarity and
coherence, core state experiencing is in turn another golden opportunity for
the patient to create a new, adaptive and transcending autobiographical

Workshop Objectives

Participants will learn:

1.  A review of efficacy and effectiveness studies for psychodynamic

2.  A genealogy of experiential dynamic therapies dating back to Freud.

3.  The procedural formula for AEDP treatment.

4.  Schema of self-at-best, self-at-worst and the triangle of experience
through the lens of attachment.

5.  The phenomenology four states and three state transformations of AEDP

6.  Moment-to-moment processing of trauma as illustrated by an actual clinical
 treatment with a survivor of childhood chronic sexual trauma.

Participants Will Have the Opportunity to:

1.Practice selected AEDP skills.

2. Integrate AEDP with their current approaches and therapeutic understandings.

To Register:

Send an email to:, indicating your intention to attend,


send a check for $300. (CAD) made out to:

Dr. Danny Yeung

2830 Keele Street, Suite 402

Downsview, Ontario  M3M  3E5

For More Information, Contact:

Matt Fried, Ph.D.



Selected References

Danny Yeung (2010), Transformance: The phenomenology of transformation and
self transcendence as an aspect of core state. In Transformance: The AEDP
Journal. AEDP Institute

Diana Fosha & Danny Yeung (2006), AEDP exemplifies the seamless integration
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APA Press.

Presenter Bios

Danny Yeung MD CCFP CGPP FCFP, Head of International Development and Senior
 Faculty of the AEDP Institute, is a trainer and supervisor of Accelerated
Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy (AEDP) for post-graduate mental health
professionals in Hong Kong, China, and Canada.

An Assistant Professor with the Department of Psychiatry in the Faculty of
Medicine at the University of Toronto, Danny also serves as a Consultant
Physician / Psychotherapist of Assertive Community Treatment Team and Mental
 Health Court Support Program for the Department of Psychiatry of Mount Sinai
 Hospital. His unique contribution as a family doctor and a psychotherapist
 in the ACT Team, unparalleled globally, was instrumental in helping his
team to win the American Psychiatric Foundation Advancing Minority Mental
Health Award in 2007 and the Leading Practices Award presented by Ontario
Hospital Association in 2007. He was also personally honored with the Joel
Sadavoy Community Mental Health Award for 2011, Award of Excellence from the
College of Family Physicians of Canada for 2012 and Peter R. Newman Humanitarian
 Award for 2013.

Danny is the lead author of Rainbow After: Psychological Trauma and Accelerated
 Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy, arguably one of the original trauma
treatment manual published in Chinese. He coauthored Portrait of the Soul,
a study of nine personality styles, currently in its 6th edition. Together
with Dr. Diana Fosha, he also coauthored a chapter in the Casebook of
Psychotherapy Integration, published by American Psychological Association.

Danny has trained and supervised, since 2005, over 200 mental health clinicians,
 including social workers, counselors, psychologists and psychiatrists in
Hong Kong in AEDP. He founded the AEDP Training Program in Hong Kong, fostered
 the birth of the AEDP Supervisors in Hong Kong.

Matt Fried, MA, Ph.D., MFA is a Certified AEDP Therapist in Private Practice
 in NYC, working with individuals, couples and groups. He is a co-coordinator
 of the Toronto AEDP Community. He has assisted in four AEDP Essential Skills

He is also a Certified Supervisor in PBSP (Pesso Boyden System Psychomotor
Psychotherapy) and a Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner (currently
non-practicing). He has trained in NLP and wiith Milton Erikson, M.D. He has
 been a member of the Red Cross Disaster Response Network in NYC since 9/11.
 He consulted on communication skills and stress alleviation for the 2012
Obama Presidential Campaign in Central Ohio. He developed and taught an
AEDP-oriented psychology course in two NYC high schools. He’s consulted
and led groups on writer’s block, consulted on communication skills with
basketball coaches and players, and with members of a rock band. His paper
(co-author) on territoriality in the subway** has been reprinted in several
 environmental psychology textbooks.

 **Territoriality and boundary conflicts in the subway”.Fried, Matthew
 L.; DeFazio, Victor J.Psychiatry: Journal for the Study of Interpersonal Processes, Vol 37(1), Feb 1974, 47-59.